Marc Keuschnigg

Analytical Sociology and Computational Social Science

Soziologische Theorie

Analytical Sociology and Computational Social Science

Bereich Soziologische Theorie (Master)
Dozent(en) Marc Keuschnigg
Semester WS 2021/2022
Intervall wöchentlich
Wochentag Dienstag
Uhrzeit 17:15
Raum NSG SR 326
Typ Seminar
Stunden 2 SWS
Abschluss Leistungsschein
Beginn 12.10.21

Modulnummer: 06-002-208-3

This course highlights the ways in which analytical sociologists are using tools from computational social science (CSS) to further social research. Using agent-based modelling, large-scale online experiments, digital trace data, and computational text analysis, analytical sociologists are identifying how large-scale properties of social systems emerge from the complex interactions of networked actors at the micro level. We will develop a perspective on how CSS techniques can be successfully deployed in social research. These tools, when applied using a theory-grounded approach, offer sociologists a chance to transcend the limitations of the dominant survey-research paradigm and address “big” sociological questions about, for example, the dynamics of collective attention, polarization, meaning making, and cultural change. The course will be taught in English.