Is there a European society emerging?

Bereich Institutionen und Sozialer Wandel (Master)
Dozent(en) Prof. Dr. Holger Lengfeld
Semester SS 2022
Intervall wöchentlich
Wochentag Montag
Uhrzeit 09:15
Raum NSG SR 325
Typ Vorlesung
Stunden 2 SWS
Abschluss Leistungsschein
Beginn 04.04.22

Modulnummer: 06-002-203-3

Is there a European people emerging? In this module we aim to investigate the political and economic European integration as a process of rising transnational social integration between the citizens from European Union member states. In the lecture, I will outline the major fields, theories, methods, and empirical evidence concerning European social integration from a macrosociological perspective. Besides others, transnational identity, solidarity, mobility, and social inequality are highlighted features.
The exam will be held in German or English (students are free to choose).