Globalisierung, Europäisierung und soziale Sicherheit: Is there a European society emerging?

Bereich Institutionen und Sozialer Wandel (Master)
Dozent(en) Prof. Dr. Holger Lengfeld
Semester SS 2020
Intervall wöchentlich
Wochentag Montag
Uhrzeit 11:15
Raum NSG S 328
Typ Vorlesung
Stunden 2 SWS
Abschluss Leistungsschein
Beginn 06.04.20

Modulnummer: 06-002-203-3

In this lecture, I aim at investigating European integration as a process of rising transnational social integration between the citizens from European Union member states. I will start with an outline of the major fields of Europe’s systemic integration regarding economics and (social) policy. The main part of the lecture is about different dimensions of integration of people in Europe: European identity and trust, solidarity, transnational mobility, European citizenship, and the emergence of a European public sphere. The lecture will be held in English.


Important information for students enrolled in this lecture:

Dear students:

Due to the shutdown of the university, I aim to carry out this lecture by using the moodle2 platform. After receiving the participant's list of the module I will get in touch with you by email and send you the login details for the online course. This shall happen during the first week of the term.

Best regards,

Holger Lengfeld, 1.4.2020