Prof. Dr. Marian Burchardt

Modalities of Belonging: Nation Ethnicities and Religion


Modalities of Belonging: Nation Ethnicities and Religion

Bereich Transregionalisierungsprozesse (Master)
Dozent(en) Prof. Dr. Marian Burchardt
Semester SS 2018
Intervall wöchentlich
Wochentag Donnerstag
Uhrzeit 13:15
Raum NSG S 322
Typ Seminar
Stunden 2 SWS
Beginn 12.04.18

Modulnummer: 06-002-207-3

Questions of belonging and membership are central to social life
and therefore to sociological research and theories. In this seminar, we explore the conditions, forms
and consequences of belonging to large cultural groups such as nations, ethnic groups and religions.
How do such groups define criteria of belonging? Who is allowed to belong and who is excluded?
What are the practices through belonging is enacted? Through which discourses do things such as
nations and ethnic groups come to life? What are the consequences of membership and exclusion?
And how have forms of belonging changed over time? In this course, we examine these questions
with regard to the ways in which belonging has become contested through processes of globalization,
de- and re-nationalization, worldwide migration and religious change. To that end, we read
major studies in the sociology of belonging.