Prof. Dr.

Thorsten Schneider

Institut für Soziologie


University of Leipzig
Institute of Sociology
Beethovenstraße 15
04107 Leipzig

Office H3 1.05Phone +49 (0)341 9735668
Consultation hour:

On Thursdays from 11 a.m. - 12 p.m.





Fields of Research

  • social and ethnic inequalities of educational opportunity
  • generational relations and family issues
  • longitudinal research methods

Curriculum Vitae

Current Position
2011-      Professor of Sociology - Comparative analysis of contemporary societies, University of Leipzig

2019-      Dean of Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences and Philosophy, University of Leipzig

2019-      LIfBi Research Affiliate - Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories (LIfBi), Bamberg

Previous Positions
2008-2011 Assistant Professor (Juniorprofessor) of Sociology with special focus on educational inequalities across the life course, University of Bamberg

2005-2008 Research Assistant, University of Bamberg

2000-2005 (Junior) Research Scientist, DIW Berlin

2005 Doctoral degree (Sociology), University of Zurich. Doctoral thesis on social origins and educational participation (title: “Erfolgreich durchs deutsche Schulsystem”)

2000 Diploma in sociology with minors in economics and history, University of Bremen

1993 University entrance qualification, Simmern

Further Professorship Appointments
2011 Chair of Sociology – Methods of empirical social research, Trier University (appointment declined)

2010 Professor of Sociology – Sociology of Education (W2), TU Munich (appointment declined)


Five publications in English (in alphabetical order)
Leopold, T., and T. Schneider (2011): Family Events and the Timing of Intergenerational Transfers. in: Social Forces 90: 595-616.

Linberg, T., T. Schneider, J. Waldfogel, and Y. Wang (2019): Socioeconomic status gaps in child cognitive development in Germany and the United States. in: Social Science Research. 79 (March): 1-31.

Mata, J., D. Richter, T. Schneider, and R. Hertwig (2018). How Cohabitation, Marriage, Separation, and Divorce Influence BMI: A Prospective Panel Study. Health Psychology 37 (10), pp. 948-958.

Schmelzer, P. and T. Schneider (2020): Consequences of Overeducation among Career Starters in Germany: A Trap for the Vocationally Trained as well as for University Graduates? European Sociological Review 36(2): 413-428.

Schneider, T. (2008): Social Inequality in Educational Participation in the German School System in a Longitudinal Perspective. Pathways into and out of the Most Prestigious School Track. in: European Sociological Review 24: 511-526.


Reviews (selected journals only)

Acta Sociologica
American Journal of Education
European Sociological Review 
Higher Education
Journal for Educational Research Online
Journal of European Social Policy
Research in Social Stratification and Mobility
Social Science & Medicine
Swiss Journal of Sociology
Zeitschrift für Erziehungswissenschaft
Zeitschrift für Familienforschung – Journal of Family Research
Zeitschrift für Soziologie




Seminar Bachelor | 2 SWS | SS 2020

Theorien und Befunde zu Bildungsungleichheiten im Lebenslauf - Seminar A

Vergleichende Analyse von Gegenwartsgesellschaften
09:15 | wöchentlich
NSG, Raum S302
Vorlesung Bachelor | 2 SWS | SS 2020

Einführung in die Sozialstrukturanalyse

Vergleichende Analyse von Gegenwartsgesellschaften
15:15 | wöchentlich
Hörsaalgebäude, Hörsaal 2
Seminar Bachelor | 2 SWS | SS 2020

Theorien und Befunde zu Bildungsungleichheiten im Lebenslauf - Seminar B

Vergleichende Analyse von Gegenwartsgesellschaften
11:00 | wöchentlich
NSG, Raum S302