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Important Dates

Unser studienorganisatorischer Ablaufplan zum Wintersemester 2020/21 sieht folgendermaßen aus:


  • bis 30.09.202 Einreichung der Dokumente für die digitale Immatrikulation 
  • vom 01. bis 09.10.2020 Offizielle digitale Immatrikulation (bis 26.10. ist eine späte Immatrikulation möglich, in Ausnahmefällen und mit Absprache zB Visumsbedingt auch später) 
  • vom 05. bis 09.10.2020 digitale Willkommenswoche der Stabsstelle Internationales
  • vom 05. bis 23.10.2020 Sprach- und Orientierungskurs Deutsch am Studienkolleg Sachsen als Präsenzunterricht mit 50 Austauschstudierenden (inkl. kurzem Einführungsvortrag von Jane Moros und mir) 
  • ab 26.10.2020 Beginn der Lehrveranstaltungen (ab 19.10.2020 in der Medizin)

Organization of your stay in Leipzig

Before you arrive

Steps to take

Information on the Leipzig University

Academic calendar of the study terms/semester at Leipzig University

During your stay

General information

Course Catalogue

Fact sheet course registration

Course registriation form

BA Course programme (in English)
MA Course programme (in English)
BA Course programme (in German)
MA Course programme (in German)

As an international student you can also take advantage of the courses offered in the following subjects at our faculty:
-        Cultural Studies

-        Political Science

-        Philosophy

-        Communication Studies

-        Global and European Studies

The course programme ("Modulhandbücher") of the above mentioned other Departments can be found here.

Useful information on the sociology course programme, how to sign into courses etc. are provided here (in German).

HelpDesk: Help for signing in and other questions on the study programme, contact information etc. can be found here.

Useful information what to do at the semester start can be found here (in German).


Further useful information on taking courses at Leipzig University

  • You can choose your courses from all courses provided in the Sociology course programme. As a BA student you can choose between BA courses in German and English and MA courses that are provided in English. MA students can only choose courses at the MA level.
  • If you have found interesting courses in the course programme and you want to join them, write to the professor/lecturer who gives the course directly (do not contact the ERASMUS coordinator!). Attach to your email the filled in course registration form (see link above). The professor/lecturer has to decide whether you can visit his/her course. This however should normally be no problem at all (only if the course is highly frequented then it might not be possible).
  • If you sign in for a course at our university you can under certain circumstances negotiate the kind of examination with the course professor/lecturer. This is for example important, if you leave Germany before the exam period starts and you still want to complete a course with an examination. In this case you can arrange to submitt a scientific essay ("Hausarbeit") instead of taking the exam. You can informally arrange this with the professor/lecturer directly.
  • You have to send the course registriation form to the Studienbüro or the Helpdesk. Then you are automatically registered for courses via AlmaWeb. Relevant information on module registriation can be found here.
  • A national student at Leipzig University has to get 30 ECTS points/semester. So it is also recommended to obtain 30 ECTS points/semester. You should have at least 20 ECTS on your Learning Agreement (requirement for ERASMUS grant). However, if you have less because you do not need more for your home university this should be fine too as long as you do not rely on the ERASMUS grant.
  • The ERASMUS coordinator of the receiving university cannot recommend you courses, because he/she does not know your study plan or the requirements from your home university. The course choice is your own responsibility (as it is at your home university) and you have to choose wisely. So it is recommended to contact your study programme coordinator or other responsible persons at your home university if you are unsure what you need to successfully complete your program at home.
  • If possible you have to visit a complete module. But you can also visti single courses. If this is not possible the evaluation of the workload of single courses takes place according to the workload required for the course.
  • How many ECTS points you can get for a course/module? For a module with three required courses you can get for each attended course 3 ECTS points and an additional 1 ECTS point for taking the exam. For modules with only two courses, you get 4 ECTs points for attending each of the two course and an additional 1 ECTS point for taking the exam in a course.
  • If your learning agreement changes since the courses you planned to take are for example not available at the specific semester, you can look for other courses and modify your learning agreement. This means you have to fill in the learning agreement again and send it to the ERASMUS coodinator. The ERASMUS coordinator will sign it.
  • There are modules that comprise two semesters. If you only stay one semester it is fine if you only take some courses of the module, but not all of them.
  • The word "Veranstaltung" used in the course registriation form stands for "Lehrveranstaltung", which basically means course (this can be a lecture, seminar etc.)

Example to choose courses from the Modulhandbook

  • The courses you can choose can be found in this Moduldhandbook:Modulhandbook
  • For example if you want to get 30 ECTS per semester, you have to choose moduls (per each generally 10 ECTS) with lectures, seminars and exercises with which you can fill the required 30 ECTS points. Tutorials ("Tutorium" are not obligatory).
  • You can only choose courses from this Modulhandbuch (link above). If you have specified other moduls and courses in your Learning Agreement before coming to Leipzig University and they are not available at the receiving institution at the time when your start your ERASMUS stay, you cannot attend them, because they are not offered during this semester.
  • The headers on the pages in the Modulhandbook are the names of the modul. E. g. the first modul named in the Handbook is "Grundzüge der Soziologie I". The courses under the header are the seminars and lectures of the modul. You can do one modul. It depends on the modul whether you have to choose two or three courses. The Sociology modules have only two courses! In the example "Grundzüge der Soziologie I" under "Zu belegen" it indicates that you need to attend the lecture "Vorlesung" by Prof. Voss and the exercise "Übung" by Dr. Krumpal. So in this Modul you only have two courses. For modules with only two courses, you get 4 ECTs points for attending each of the two courses and an additional 1 ECTS point for each fulfilled exam required in the specific courses. An illustration can be found here.
  • For a module with three required courses (as it is the case in some of the above mentioned faculties such as Philosophy, Political sciences etc. you can have three courses per modul) you can get for each attended course 3 ECTS points and an additional 1 ECTS point for taking the exam.
  • E. g. if you take a modul which only has two seminars as in the example "Grundzüge der Soziologie I" you can get 5 ECTS for the lecture with the exam (exam here is a written exam) and 5 ECTS for the "Übung" exercise with the exam (exam is a scientific writing "Hausarbeit").
  • I recommend you to invest a bit of time to get familiar with this Modulhandbuch and maybe also use a translator to understand it. (1) Choose the moduls and lectures/seminars you want, (2) contact the lecturers of each lecture or seminar directly via email  and ask whether you can participate (an okay via eamil by the lecturer is enough, you have to forward this email to the HelpDesk, the lecturer does not need to sign the course regsitration form) and (3) ultimately send the registriation form and acceptance email of the lecturer to the HelpDesk. (4) If something has changed in comparson to your initial Learning Agreement, update your Lerning Agreement and send it to the ERASMUS coordinator. The ERASMUS coordinator will sign it.



Examinations usually take place after the end of the semester. In some courses, smaller tests (presentation or essay) are also taken during the semester. Your final transcript will be compiled by the responsible ERASMUS coordinator, Dr. Pia Blossfeld. To make sure that all achievements can be recorded, please use the following form to document them and hand it over to the ERASMUS coordinator.

If you agreed with the professor/lecturer to take another exam form, e. g. a scientific essay ("Hausarbeit") instead of an exam, the professor/lecturer has to indicate this on the form.

If you only participated in the course, but did not take part in the examination this has also to be reported shortly by the professor/lecturer on the form.


Settle in Leipzig

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